Я[á:r] issue 06 / 2016

Special Issue: Archive (Co-edited by WASHIDA Meruro, YAMAMINE Junya)
This issue of R includes a feature on archives. Along with the dematerialization of contemporary art and spread of digital technology, the importance of maintaining archives is growing. Amid this trend, many problems pertaining to archives remain unsolved, such as the problem of rights. Through 5 essays, some contributed by outside writers, we survey the changes now affecting contemporary art and consider such questions as how archives should be designed, hereafter, and whether it is necessary for archives to be a catalyst for creativity and new art production and activities.

In the forum section, two research theses by curators at this museum are published. The first thesis is research conducted concerning MURAYAMA Ruriko, a contemporary artist collected by this museum. The second concerns the relationship between contemporary art and traditional culture in Kanazawa and its environs with a look at the Art Festival in Tsurugi held in the 1990s in Tsurugi (now Hakusan City).