Make Reservations to Experience The Swimming Pool

Make Reservations to Experience The Swimming Pool

Due to Covid-19, we are limiting the number of visitors to the underground space of The Swimming Pool and time allotted for their visit. To enter the space, you must buy an exhibition ticket (see bottom of this page) and also make a prior reservation or get a waiting list number that day. Please limit your stay in the underground space to 5 minutes.

※ We are unable to accept reservations by telephone. Please make your reservation using the special link.

Swimming Pool

Same-Day Reservations

Reservation Hours: Reservations are accepted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays) on the same day.

[1] Same-Day Reservation Link
You can make reservations on the day of your visit.
※ You can confirm your waiting list status in real time on your mobile phone.

[2] In-Facility Reservation Machine
You can put a reservation on the same-day waiting list using the reservation machine located by the General Information desk at the Honda Street entrance.
※The reservation machine will issue a 2D barcode printed on paper after you make a reservation. Scan the 2D barcode using your mobile phone to check the estimated time that you will be called.

  • Only same-day reservations can be made using the Same-Day Reservation Link and the in-facility reservation machine.
  • Reservations will be closed when the maximum number of reservations available for each time slot is reached.
  • Please come to "Exhibition Room 6" when you are called. Please note that your reservation will be automatically cancelled if you are late.
  • Please refrain from having a group agent/representative make multiple time-slot reservations. (The museum reserves the right to cancel reservations at its discretion.)

Prior Reservations

※We are currently not accepting prior reservations. Please use “Same-Day Reservations.”

Purchasing Exhibition Tickets

Because the entry to the underground space of The Swimming Pool is located within the Collection Exhibition area, an exhibition ticket purchase is required.

The Same-Day Ticket sales counter will be crowded on weekends and consecutive holidays.
Please consider purchasing tickets online in advance to ensure a smooth visit to the exhibition.