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Visitors guidelines to enter the lower level of The Swimming Pool by Leandro ERLICH(available from April 29th)

To enter the lower level of The Swimming Pool, visitors require a ticket of the Collection Exhibition “Scales” until April 28th, and a ticket of the Special Exhibition “Somewhere Between the Odd and the Ordinary” or of the Collection Exhibition “Scales” from April 29th through May 9th.
Caution: The lower level of the Swimming Pool will be closed from May 10th through 28th due to the exhibition change.

-Pease take a line at the entrance of Gallery 6 before you go down to the lower level. You can enter the Pool right after the viewers before you leave out of the space.
-Please make sure that each viewing time is up to five mins, with six people at maximum, to keep physical distancing within the space.
-Please be noted that you may not be able to enter the space when a large number of visitors are expected and wait in line before closing.
-Visitors are not able to enter the space during the time-slots below for ventilation and sanitization purpose.
18:50-19:00(Fridays and Saturdays only)

Safety procedures to reopen the lower level of The Swimming Pool in response to the spread of COVID-19

-Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of Gallery 6.
-We will exchange the air for 10 mins per 90-mins, sanitize handrails and other equipment at the space.
-Each entry to the space is restricted to six people at maximum.